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Model in Brown Jacket


Our mission at Spectrum is to present an opportunity for professional women in the Houston community to explore cultural topics and provide a venue for young professionals to connect with others.

As professional women, we might miss the chance to explore the beauty and culture around us in the busyness of our daily lives. We do not necessarily stop to ask ourselves what would make us truly happy. In our events, we will explore fine art, music, history, literature, and philosophy and share these experiences with you. We hope to fulfill the full SPECTRUM of who we are.

This venture was sparked by the question, “Why does beauty matter?” By our nature, we are drawn to beautiful and attractive persons or things. We know immediately the difference between our neighborhood Wal-Mart store and Notre Dame Cathedral. A building is not limited to its obvious function but can be awesome in itself. It can draw us out of ourselves to think of ideals such as perfection, justice, truth, goodness and love. Only we as humans have the capacity to see beauty, to even grasp the notion of beauty—this speaks to our dignity as persons who can know and love.

If you would like more information, contact us.


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