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From S.O.S. to W.O.W.! tm

Move from the Same Old Stuff to Well On the Way in your professional life. Through busting assumptions, unleashing creative ideas and building the courage to take risks you will no longer be stuck in the same old stuff.

Success in the transition from S.O.S. to W.O.W. can follow many different paths, as unique as the individual. Techniques and exercises in the most common areas addressed in professional coaching in Ms. Johnson’s experience are presented and practiced to move the participants from their S.O.W. to W.O.W.

They include focus and being present by addressing multi-tasking vs focus and the pros and cons; busting assumptions regarding ourselves, others and situations that impede progress; partnering with peers and higher ups to maintain open communication and effectiveness; self-talk that focuses on staying open to possibilities; unleashing creative ideas to produce options for advancement; examining risk taking tendencies and making a plan to take courageous risks; and setting effective daily habits to incorporate the desired actions to produce the WOW!

Margaret A. Johnson, is a P.E. Engineer, Author, and Personal Coach

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