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Ethical Leadership Luncheon Series: Making Decisions as an Ethical Leader

Professional's desk with note "Off to lunch for networking and mentorship. Be back in an hour."

You are invited to join the next Ethical Leadership Series lunch event on Thursday, February 1st. Reflecting on Peggy Mahoney-Santry’s 20+ year career in marketing, she will guide an animated lunch discussion about “Making Decisions as an Ethical Leader”. Within that context, participants will

- Learn how to deal with leaders who have conflicting company and personal values;

- Explore finding the trade-off in decisions - particularly where it appears most options violate at least one value;

- Determine how to keep risk and personal priorities in proper perspective; and

- How to balance business objectives while honoring the person

The discussion will use a manufacturing case study as a launching point to also explore ethical issues surrounding

- maximizing shareholder value;

- pollution;

- short-term vs. long-term outcomes; and

- impacting the local population's health and other industries.

In addition to Ms. Mahoney-Santry, other executive women will also be there sharing their experiences and lessons learned from the trenches. Don't miss out on this opportunity for mentoring from multiple women leaders. Lunch is included.

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