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Managing Commitments as a Leader

Busy work schedule in a calendar

You are invited to join the next Ethical Leadership Series lunch event on Thursday, April 26 from noon to 1pm. Reflecting on Grant Thornton Managing Partner Lori A. Davis' decades of experience, she will guide an animated lunch discussion about “Managing Commitments as a Leader”. Within that context, participants will learn how to

- Delegate and when

- Manage expectations

- Say “yes, but we will need..."

- Say “no” when appropriate

- Have a clear sense of priorities in personal life and professional life

- Live according to your priorities vs. "balancing" them

- Avoid over-commitment; allow buffer time in the schedule for the unexpected

- Give importance to rest (change of pace/activity), healthy eating and exercise

- Give priority to persons over things

- Manage technology; not to be dominated by a 24/7 availability culture. Things can wait; important things must wait

In addition to Ms. Davis, other executive women will also be there sharing their experiences and lessons learned from the trenches. Don't miss out on this opportunity for networking with and mentoring from multiple women leaders.

All lunches are located downtown at the offices of Grant Thornton, the Lead Sponsor of the series. Lunch is included.

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