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Conflicts of Conscience: Navigating Matters of Conscience in a Healthcare Setting

elderly holding hands in hospital

Join Carla Falco, MD, of Texas Children's Hospital for a Discussion on Conflicts of Conscience. Issues to be explored include

• Examination of peer relationships among healthcare professionals when collaborating on patient care decisions;

• Examination of conflict in opinion between patient family members and healthcare professionals in relation to patient care;

• And more.

In exploring these concerns, you will reference a case study about Jerry, an 87-year-old with sever Alzheimer's disease. He has lost all ability to communicate, so he cannot state his wishes, and he does not have advanced directives. Medical power of attorney is held by his oldest daughter, Lucy, who is unready to face the fact that her father is nearing the end of his life.

Sheridan Study Center

2222 Bellefontaine Houston, TX 77030

Thursday, November 8

7:30 to 9:00pm $15

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