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Making the Most of Mentoring

Two pairs of women mentoring each other

Rosalia Nolan, Business Advisor at ChallengeScope, is passionate about mentoring and coaching future leaders across industries. She will ignite animated small group discussions around the below topics.​

  • Understanding What Mentoring Is and What It Is Not;

  • What Makes You a Good Mentor;

  • What Makes You a Good Mentee;

  • Day-to-day Informal Mentoring is of Great Importance; and

  • Formal Mentoring: Its Purpose and Time Throughout Your Career.​

You will gain a deeper understanding of the unique value women bring to the work environment.

Thursday, January 31

12:00noon to 1:00pm

Grant Thornton LLP

700 Milam Street

#Ste 300

Houston, TX 77002

$15, lunch included

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